Mission Statement...

We believe it can and should be possible to work and have a family without having to sacrifice your well being in the process. We also believe passionately in the power of female community.

Our mission is the advancement of women, who happen to be mothers, creating an environment for women to connect and succeed on our own terms.

Our whole society isn't set up for women and parents - the culture of many companies, the lack of part-time roles and flexibility, even what we expect from women in the workplace and in business.

And that's not to mention the double or triple workload that so many of us experience and lack / cost of decent childcare. Can you even imagine what we could achieve if we had the same headspace that so many men experience?

Together we want to challenge the norms and discover new ways of combining a career and a family that DO work. We are proud to have worked on campaigns like Dear Employer to try and instigate real change in the workplace.

The juggle is real, the challenges are tough, but let's ditch the guilt, be upfront about what we want and need, and not be held back.

We've been running courses, workshops, and building this community for the last four years with the most amazing results. And with our new membership we hope to bring even more women together and increase our impact further, read more about why and how here.

We are fierce advocates for women.

We believe it can and should be possible for mothers to have a career and a family, however that looks.

We're determined to encourage each other to be on our game, to be unapologetic for our needs, to be clear on our where we want to be and dream big. We want more women to believe that they can go for that promotion or take on that project or do whatever the hell we like.

We believe that by making expert development and mentoring more accessible (10 years of delivering this within a corporate environment means we know what works) alongside providing a highly supportive community for cheerleading and advocacy, more mothers will be able to reach their full potential.

That's what gets us out of bed in the morning! Actually it's not, that'll be the kids but you know what we mean!

Helen x