Mission Statement...

Our mission is the advancement of women, who happen to be mothers, creating an environment for women to connect and succeed on our own terms.

The rules too often don't work for mothers so we are determined to redefine what 'having it all' looks like ... to change the game.

Many expecting mothers say that they are excited to go back to work after giving birth, but then end up leaving the workforce or feeling stuck in jobs for which they are over-qualified and under-valued. Others do the hugely important job of remaining at home but doing work that is unrecognised and unpaid.

This comes at a high cost to women's careers, the companies they work/worked for, and the wider world.

Our whole society isn't set up for women and parents - the culture of many companies (with presenteeism and lack of flexibility), the lack of part-time roles, even what we expect from women in the workplace (workshops teaching us to lead in a certain way, be more assertive, be more ... well ... male?!) Even the times of these workshops often don't fit around working parents - expecting you to take days away from home or attend breakfast meetings at 8am when you're normally knee-deep in porridge or nappies.

And that's not to mention the double or triple workload that so many of us experience with women continuing to do the majority of the housework, cleaning, holiday planning etc. Can you even imagine what we could achieve if we had the same headspace that so many men experience?

We want to empower women to regain control of their careers, make decisions that are right for themselves and their families, challenge gender stereotypes, re-imagine what 'work/life balance' looks like. Hopefully, together, we can keep challenging the norms and discover new ways that do work.

The juggle is real, the challenges are tough, but let's ditch the guilt, be upfront about what we want and need, and not be held back.

We aim to do this be sending out a free newsletter as a way to share parenting hacks, advice, recommendations and feminist vibes on a regular basis. We also have in the place a regular longer read in the form of a quarterly magazine, sharing stories, articles, advice and what events are coming up in the months ahead (watch this space).

We've been running courses, workshops, and building up communities for the last four years with the most amazing results. You can read more about why we have chosen the change from running standalone courses into a members club here ...

Why We're Launching an Online Women's Club.

We are fierce advocates for women.

We believe it can and should be possible for mothers to have a career and a family, however that looks.

We're determined to encourage each other to be on our game by slowing down and reconnecting with what matters, whilst also believing we can and are able to go for that promotion or take on that project or do whatever the hell we like.

We are on a mission to make this possible by making expert development and mentoring relevant and accessible and providing a highly supportive community for cheerleading and advocacy - we believe this is fundamental for future progression!!!