Guilty Mothers Club is a place where mothers can work on having the career they deserve alongside being the parent they want to be.

Our mission is to build an unstoppable tribe of women embracing motherhood but determined not to be held back. It’s basically for anyone holding onto the working ladder with one hand whilst attempting to wipe someone’s bum at the same time. Which we all know can be fairly tricky.

We want to help uncover the massive, often untapped potential in mothers everywhere. Because let’s face it, we are AMAZING, so let’s ditch the guilt, focus on ourselves for once and spend time on the stuff that actually matters.

We’re all about providing practical tools and resources, development (which is relevant and actually works), support and inspiration to make life easier and more successful at work AND home.

We run a range of unique online courses that mix expertise with a genuine understanding of how it feels to be a working mum. Like on how to get organised and be 100% more productive at work and home, make a career change to do something you love or return to work after maternity leave.

When it comes to community we have our membership – The Mothership – a kind of virtual workspace, playground and bolthole for working mums. Meet others in your local area or industry and learn new transferrable skills all for the price of a coffee and cake. Then there is the thriving Guilty Mothers Clubhouse (our free Facebook group) for advice, chat and inspiration.

We believe in gender equality, in feminism, in working smarter not harder (bring on the flexible working), that one size does not fit all and that looking after and developing yourself isn’t selfish, it’s essential. We believe that if more women were able to navigate the blending of work and family and fulfil their truest potential the world would be a better place.

This is what gets us really excited.


I’m Helen, founder of Guilty Mothers Club. I have three little ones under 7 (soon to be four) who keep me incredibly busy and make me very happy and an amazing husband who is the primary carer for our brood.

My background is in HR, specifically leadership / talent management and I have spent most of my career designing and delivering training and development programmes. From recruiting coaches and creating mentoring programmes through to designing an entire leadership academy, I have trained hundreds of people of all levels and roles and am hooked on self development – I love those moments where things suddenly click into place. I’m an ideas girl, kind of creative, always thinking. I meditate daily and am a big fan of Yoga. I devour books, love to write and occasionally craft. I’m a huge feminist, at times annoyingly positive, a dreamer at heart.

I’ve returned to work for a large corporate after maternity leave so understand the challenges this brings. I’ve felt first hand the overwhelm, the compromises and also sadly the discrimination some women face. After a few tricky years running a start up around nap times I am now lucky enough to be doing work I love and feel so passionate about. I’m determined to use my personal experience and expertise to help other women do the same.


I have two lively boys aged three and twelve – keeping me on my toes with a heady toddler/tween combo 🙂 I’m a family photographer living a busy life in sunny Manchester, juggling running my own business from home with motherhood and as many as possible of my favourite things, in particular cameras, books, gluten-free veggie food, crochet, karate, films, snowboarding, interiors and music. Family and friends are everything to me, and nothing pleases me more than enjoying all these things with them by my side.

My family photography is inspired by my love of people and their stories, and I specialise in honest photography that celebrates character, emotion and individuality. I set up the business ten years ago when my eldest was two years old and have never looked back. As a past secondary school teacher I’m also really passionate about education and supporting others, and over the last 5 years I’ve enjoying regularly mentoring and running workshops for other photographers, helping them to carve out a successful business that is right for them and their own unique priorities and passions.

Helen and I met a couple of years ago and instantly bonded over our shared experiences of motherhood (our two youngest are exactly the same age), the challenges and joys of running our own businesses, and our mutual passion for addressing the challenges faced by mums in the workplace, whether they work for themselves or others. I’m so proud of our sisterhood of mothers (The Mothership) trying to juggle the whirlwind of nurturing our families whilst not forgetting our own passions, needs and talents, and it means so much to me to now devote much of my energy into building a supportive, useful and inspiring community for these amazing women.