Mission Statement...

We're determined to redefine what 'having it all' looks like, refocus on what really matters and help more women to live life on their own terms.

Our whole society isn't set up for women and parents - the culture of many companies, the lack of part-time roles, even what we expect from women in the workplace - be more assertive but not too assertive, be more, well, male!?!

Between trying to negotiate breakfast meetings at 8am when you're normally knee-deep in porridge or nappies and dashing out the door at 5pm for pick up, feeling like a fraud for daring to only work your paid hours, the juggle is real and exhausting.

Then there's the problem of decent, affordable childcare and not to mention the double workload that so many of us experience with women continuing to do the majority of the housework, cleaning, holiday planning etc.

Can you even imagine what we could achieve if we had the headspace that so many men experience?

All of this comes at a high cost to women's careers, the companies they work or worked for, our wellbeing and the wider world.

Our mission is the advancement of women, who happen to be mothers. We believe passionately that women can change the world but not whilst, as mothers, we are drowning in house admin and doubting our ability to launch that new business or speak up in that meeting.

We want to empower women to regain control of their careers, make decisions that are right for themselves and their families and challenge gender stereotypes.

The challenges can be tough, but let's ditch the guilt, be upfront about what we want and need, and not be held back.

We send out our newsletter as a way to share parenting hacks, advice, recommendations and feminist vibes on a regular basis.

We've been running courses, workshops, and building up a community for the last four years with the most amazing results. You can read more about why we have chosen the change from running standalone courses into a members club here .

We are fierce advocates for women.

We're determined to encourage each other to be on our game by slowing down and reconnecting with what matters, whilst also believing we can and are able to go for that promotion or take on that project or do whatever the hell we like.

We provide expert development and group mentoring which is totally relevant and accessible and are building a highly supportive community for cheerleading and advocacy - this we believe is fundamental for our future progression!!!

About me...

I'm Helen, founder of Guilty Mothers Club, mother of four (8,7,5,1) living in Manchester, UK.

I've spent the majority of my career working in HR for large corporates, primarily Talent Management, training people at all levels and designing everything from mentoring programmes through to launching a full online leadership academy.

My husband and I both work flexibly sharing the childcare and all household responsibilities completely equally - which I think is pretty unusual!

I'm a huge feminist and am hooked on learning new things. I like doing Yoga, LOVE reading, write poetry and drink far too much coffee!