About us...

Guilty Mothers Club is a community for modern feminist mothers. 

We originally started in 2016 as a supper club. The goal was to bring women together to connect and learn over beautiful food. Over the years we've changed a lot but a few things have remained throughout. We are active campaigners for gender equality, we believe passionately in the power of female community and we're a tad obsessed with words.

    We're at the start of a brand new chapter for the club, we'd like to evolve the blog to feature more personal stories and essays, exploring topics surrounding motherhood like wellbeing, the environment and activism.

    Our newsletter is also changing. There will still be the regular dose of thought provoking content and inspiration around motherhood but with a new option of going deeper with more regular cheerleading, journaling prompts, downloadable tools and behind the scenes chat.

    Our hope is that this email with be one you look forward to getting!

    We'd love you to join us x