About us...

Guilty Mothers Club is an online magazine for modern feminist mothers. 

What we read can impact who we are, and we are fed up with white men owning this agenda.

Well-read womxn can be truly powerful and combine that with an awesome female community, unstoppable.

    We originally started in 2016 as a supper club. The goal was to bring women together to connect and learn over beautiful food. Over the last four years the business has changed a lot but a few things have remained. Our belief in the power of female community and our love of reading, purely for pleasure but also with purpose.

    We're at the start of a brand new chapter for the club, our ambition is to evolve the blog into an online magazine, featuring personal stories and essays, exploring topics like self care, the environment, activism and the challenges facing modern mothers.

    A place where we can celebrate and amplify the work of female writers whilst learning to raise our own voices.

    We'd love our club to become multi-media with an active community area (away from Facebook), eventually a podcast, face-to-face events and perhaps even a print version of the magazine.

    For now my hope is that our newsletter is one that you'll look forward to receiving. A place where we can share a love of books, talk about the reality of parenting through a pandemic and chat about where we're up to with our plans.

    We'd love you to join us x