Rock Your Return Course

Returning to work after maternity leave isn’t always a walk in the park (in fact it probably is, but one of those walks where you realise it’s so muddy you can’t push the pram, you have a non-sleeper who hasn’t read the manual on sleeping and you forget the wipes and then can’t decide whether to play nappy roulette or head back home).

What work do you go back to? Should it be full time or part time? What if your current employer says no to a flexible working application? How will I/we manage nursery pick ups? How will we even get out the house in the morning when it currently takes me three hours wearing what resembles jammies? Will I actually be able to do my job anymore? Am I am terrible mother for leaving my baby in childcare? (by the way the answer to this last one is a definite no!)

Yep, completely hear you. All this would be tricky with an amazingly supportive employer, and some are truly wonderful. But unfortunately, many are not.

After experiencing all this first hand, and with a background in HR (training and development), I decided something had to change. I’m bored of waiting for employers to catch up and realise working mums are bloody awesome. I’ve heard too many women battle through challenging conversations, difficult decisions, feeling guilty or incapable alone without the support and advice and cheerleading they deserve.

Rock your Return combines expert professional tailored development with a true understanding of the realities and an incredible community of support.

This programme is for anyone due to return to work, it might be in the next 6 weeks or 6 months who would benefit from some structured support AND being with a group of other mothers going through similar experiences.

We are getting ready to re-launch this programme as an online course in April, do get in touch and we’ll keep you updated.

Thanks, Helen x