Organise My Entire Life


You know that feeling when you’re running around trying to do a million jobs and not doing any of them that well. You have this massive to-do list which seems to grow by the second, reminders written in about ten places but still manage to forget that costume for world book day, don’t feel in control and know that you could be far more effective if you could just find a minute.

The one thing I think most of us crave as parents is time.

So how about setting up a slick, productive, fully in control system for managing your time and organising your entire life? How about getting more sh*t done but actually more than that, how about slowing down and getting more of the stuff done that matters.


– Where is all my time going at the moment?

– Taking back control of where your time is spent and re-prioritising

– Creating a system that allows you to fully organise both your work AND home life. Often tools help you to do one or the other, you have processes for work but home life is chaos OR you have a gorgeous calendar on the wall for home which is (kind of) o.k but no place for your goals and to-do list at work. Here I share not one but two things that literally transformed my life in terms of planning and organisation.

– Getting the right sh*t done. Ten all time tips for being more productive. These include how to do less but actually achieve more and how to know when you are at your best.

New stationery at the ready…