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Since launching Guilty Mothers Club in 2016 we've been providing guidance, support and inspiration for mothers who are, quite frankly, done with feeling guilty and up for doing things differently. 

We want to do work that makes us feel alive, to create a family / home life that is filled with joy and have the time to invest in ourselves for once.

Welcome to the club that allows you to do all of this and more... 


We all know those days where life just feels so busy and tiring, our heads full of lists and chores and playdates and there’s just not room for our dreams and creativity and the actual fun. And because we are so capable, so resourceful, so brilliant, we just plough on.

I've been there and I totally get it. I lost about 5 years under piles of washing, unrealistic expectations of myself as a parent and all the extra hours I worked trying to prove I was still worthy of a promotion even though I had procreated (which never came by the way, which is another huge problem).

We believe things can and should be better so have created something which champions mothers and gives us the confidence and skills to change things up. Our course, Game Changers, is like giving yourself the ultimate career and wellbeing reboot. It has had THE most incredible results over the past few years, seriously brilliant stories.

Discover what really matters in your life, set yourself exciting goals and feel like less of a passenger in your own life. Our weekly support will help you to manage your career, achieve better work / life flow, recharge and max up on the self love.

Details & What's Included

After joining you'll get access to our beautiful members area - easy to use, away from Facebook, all in one place.

Complete the short courses, watch the videos, get involved as and when feels right, we know life with kids is a bit crazy so encourage you to use the club in a way that fits around your life.

We're about connecting on lots of levels - mentoring, collaborations, friendships. It really matters to us that this is a friendly, welcoming place without any pressure to join in or be an extrovert! 

We are all incredible female leaders, of our homes, in our workplaces, in our communities. Our workshops focus on up-skilling you to achieve more than you even think possible right now! 

  • Full access to our Game Changers programme - a proven technique for helping you make changes to your career and life. This really works!

  • Weekly support focusing on how to progress your career, get organised and be kinder to yourself. Videos, downloadable guides, book club and more...

  • Live masterclasses and a curated calendar of other virtual events throughout the year.

  • Meet new people and gain support from a group of incredible women via our private online community and dedicated conversation space.

  • The option to join one of our mentoring groups - hook up with a small group of other women facing similar challenges and opportunities and get advice from an expert mentor. Create and focus on your goals - by the end of the year you'll be telling friends, "I did this and this and this!"

All our weekly content is short, easy to digest and good fun. We want it to fit into your life, so that when you find yourself with 15 minutes of an evening, you spend less time scrolling aimlessly through Instagram and more time doing something that makes you feel more alive, more invigorated, more connected. We’ve done the hard work for you, we’ve curated the content so that you can sit back, relax and be inspired.

Think of it like an online hub, a safe haven away from the noise, a place to get back to being ourselves and nurture our souls before going back out there and smashing the patriarchy.

It sounds a bit cliché but whether it’s creating art, running a marathon or leading a big business we’ve all got talents and dreams that the world deserves to see.

We're all about finding the time and confidence to make it happen. And did we mention cheerleading, ongoing cheerleading and reminders of how ace you are – who doesn’t want that!?

What would it be like to get that promotion or project you deserve, to start that business or say yes to some of the opportunities that are definitely out there waiting?

Or likewise to say no to that extra work you shouldn’t be doing, challenge that decision that some barely competent man made in that meeting, apply for that flexible role.

How would it feel to have more time to exercise, more time to speak to a partner or friends, more time to be with our kids, more time for ourselves full stop. To truly understand what it is you want and need to be happy and fulfilled.

Our members are showing that all of this is possible and it can be for you too!

We are currently closed to new members

What Others Have Said

I LOVE Guilty Mothers Club!

I completed the Game Changers course last year and can honestly say it’s changed my life!

As a result I ended up negotiating a job share at work and am now in the process of a complete career change, something I would never have considered possible before doing this course.I also met an amazing group of women who have become a solid part of my Mum tribe. I can’t recommend it enough!


Helen | Social Media Manager

It's revolutionary!

It’s a journey, it reconnects what’s important and provides the structure and focus to work out how to move forward in both personal and professional areas of life. There is also a nurturing feel to it that makes it feel safe, approachable and achievable.

This is not like the other corporate development courses that your forget once your walk out the door. I really believe that this is the new way to work, it’s revolutionary!


Ali | Library Manager

The whole experience was so positive!

The whole experience was just so positive for me, and sometimes when you are trying to plan your future moves in your own head that positivity is something that is very hard to bring to yourself.

I can’t tell you how apprehensive I was, I am not one of life’s big sharers so the thought of bearing my inner battles to a group of strangers made me want to crawl back into my shell but everyone was lovely… the biggest thing for me was that it never felt like an exercise, more a discovery.


Sara | A wife, a mum, a maker

Truly life changing!

A truly life changing course that has given me tools and techniques I can continue to apply to future goals and life events and will help me to continuously review and shape my existing game change.

It has a clear and supportive way of reviewing values, skill set and potential goals and provides clear, practical and useful tools to help identify and deconstruct personal barriers to change.


Sarah | Counsellor and Psychotherapist

We're pretty dam proud of our track record, since launching four years ago we've had over 1000 women go through a workshop or course and 100% of those surveyed (sounds a bit Les Dennis) said they would recommend our courses to a friend.

The majority of our customers come through word of mouth (yeyy, we love this fact) and we've also featured in places like the BBC, Huffington Post and at Pregnant Then Screwed Live amongst others.

In the words of one previous attendee, “this is not just game changing, this is life changing”. With over 10 years experience in HR (leadership development) we know what works. We bring you absolute experts to share their knowledge as well as tapping into the huge range of skills we all have as members, always kept simple, fun and flexible.


We’re pretty sure you’ll LOVE your new subscription but if you find it’s not for you, if you haven’t found any value within the first 30 days, then we’ll refund you the cash and say no more about it. Just send us an email and we'll sort it out. 

You don’t have to prove you’ve not used the content, we’re not about asking women to pay for stuff they don’t need, we are building something we believe can really make a difference. It matters to us that you feel like this is absolutely worth every penny, that you see this as an investment in YOU for once when every other moment in your day is spent looking after other people. But we get that making that shift can feel a bit new, so we want you to know that you can give it a go and see how it feels!

The juggle may well be real, we might have one hand on the career ladder and the other wiping someone’s bum, but let’s ditch the guilt, be upfront about what we want and need and not be held back.

When the current rules don't work for us as women and mothers we have to change the game. The question is, are you up for it?

Once you press the button we'll be right there with you to guide you through the best way to get started on this brand new chapter...

We are currently closed to new members