I’ve been wanting to create a mini version of the full 12 week Game Changers programme for a while. This mini course provides a brilliant starting point if you are stuck on what to do next and is full of inspiration and ideas. I also wanted it to be fully accessible (so it is FREE) and flexible in how you complete it, all delivered online in your own time. 

I passionately believe that it should be possible to combine family and work without the compromises. It should be possible to do really fulfilling, enjoyable work, realising our true potential all whilst being the parents we want to be.

Game Changers is for anyone feeling frustrated by their current employment situation, feeling like it lacks meaning, like they want to mix things up and ask a few more questions all round. And by employment situation that might mean you’re not currently working or you’re on maternity leave. 

Basically if you’ve been talking about doing something new but don’t know where to start then this is for you.

I really hope it helps.

Helen x