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The Game Changers is a 12 week online development programme for Mothers who know they want to do something new or make a change but don’t know where to start. Previous attendees have gone on to start their own businesses, change careers entirely, begin new projects, re-work their current career so it fits around family life and one is even now planning to go travelling with her husband and their baby! Others have made less obvious but none the less powerful changes, this is about so much more than just work.

This isn’t a quick fix nor is it about guaranteeing any ‘six figure income’ or that you will get any specific outcome. That’s kind of the point, I know this isn’t something you hear very often as a mother but this course is focused on YOU and what will work for you and your current situation. YOUR why, what will bring you more joy and satisfaction to your work and life longer term. Cutting out the things that are currently leaving you feeling drained, figuring out the things that set your heart on fire and give you energy, really feeling fulfilled whether that be through a work move or a hobby or a new project. And it isn’t delivered in a formal or corporate way nor does it deny the realities. I hate using the word ‘fun’ because it sounds contrived but it genuinely is; it’s fun, real, inspirational and deals with the practicalities (like how the hell can I afford / have the time to do something new) as well as the deeper stuff.

If you are considering spending thousands re-training or quitting your job or taking a step down to fit everything in or even doubting whether it can all work being a working mum then this course could be your answer. It can help you make sure that your next step is right for you, that it fits your priorities and what matters, that it will be doing something you love.

Maybe you’re frustrated by the lack of flexibility from an employer, just not feeling it about your job anymore or wanting to start a business but lacking ideas or the push to make it happen (or maybe the courage)? This is all about helping you get past that stuck stage.

This course helps you to rediscover what it is you DO love doing, feel like you are back in control and support you in creating the start of a truly life changing game plan for what next. A game plan that fits with what you REALLY want to be doing, a game plan that gets you excited and giddy and wanting to jump out of bed in the morning (o.k clearly we are more likely to be jumped on than out but you get the point).  Really importantly a game plan that actually works for you and your mini tribe.

We believe passionately that having a community makes a massive difference so run this course as a kind of 12 week experience. We love the social element and would ideally have everyone meet up in person but where this isn’t possible think this is the next best thing. You’ll have flexibility to watch the workshops in your own time but we suggest a rough schedule so that you’re working alongside your unique group of other mothers. Group calls give you a chance to ask specific questions and build relationships so you won’t feel like you’re figuring this out alone. Within no time you’ll be feeling a little less lost and overwhelmed, a little more inspired. Ongoing support from others who really get it. All from the comfort of your own sofa.

You can view the full syllabus here which gives you tons more detail including live call dates for the current intake, a breakdown of the content and more on what’s involved. I believe passionately that it can and should be possible for women to combine a family with work they love. I really hope that this support gives more women the chance to do so.

I am really proud of the feedback we’ve had from previous attendees, you can read some reviews on the tab above. This isn’t just an ‘off the shelf’ faceless online course, it genuinely matters to me that it makes a difference. We’ve had over 50 women complete the programme, every single one who completed our survey said they would recommend it to a friend and 100% said that it had met their expectations. Here is also a short video of two previous attendees talking to me about their experiences.

If you have any other questions or want to give me a ring to chat more than just get in touch –
Helen x

The next opportunity to join is January 2018. If you want to be kept updated on all things Game Changers and future dates then please fill out the form below and we’ll keep you in the loop.

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