Guilty Mothers Christmas Planning Guide

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Yes, you read that correctly, here is your ultimate Christmas Planning Guide, get ready for less stressful, last minute shopping and more magic. You’d think, as a hugely organised person and household, our Christmas holidays would be pretty seamless. Actually this is one period I tend to leave until last minute and despite all my best efforts I am ALWAYS … Read More

Career Changing Story – Helen Slater

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In this guest blog we hear another wonderful example of how a career change can be done with a family, as well as lots of brilliant advice on mindset. Q. Tell us your story, what prompted you to make a change? Changing career at 43 was the best thing I ever did! ​I worked in the corporate world in marketing … Read More

Can we talk more about post natal anxiety?

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I’ve always been scared of post natal depression, terrified actually. My Mum suffered with it quite badly, I know friends who have been there, I kind of feel close to the edge most weeks and wasn’t sure I could get much closer. So after Raffi I was pretty relieved that I felt great. Really positive, happy, o.k despite no sleep … Read More

How to set up a parents network

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Parents network

Last year Ellie set up a parents network in her place of work with some amazing results. Our campaign with Pregnant then Screwed, Dear Employer, returns on 30th April 2019. In this blog post Ellie shares what she learnt about how to set up a parents network and the steps she took to get it off the ground. Hopefully this … Read More

Dear Employer 2019

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Dear Employer

Dear Employer, our campaign with Pregnant then Screwed, is back for 2019. Missed it last year, here’s everything you need to know… Fuming that you’ve experienced or witnessed maternity discrimination? Frustrated that your employer does naff all to support parents returning to work after maternity leave? Bemused at why the maternity or parental leave package is so rubbish? Angry that … Read More