Why you should never take on a 2yo

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I’ve entered negotiations. There is tension in the air, the other person in the room stands back and looks on with a mixture of interest and intrigue, perhaps even admiration for the participant taking on the establishment. I didn’t enter negotiations by choice of course, I am REALLY bad at negotiating. In past career discussions I have uttered the words, … Read More

Guilty Mother Challenge

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We all know that being a mother brings some super amazing highs mixed with crazy lows. We have days where we feel like we are totally owning it followed by others where we can’t wait until bedtime. I worry that I will miss something, not remember all the tiny moments that rock my world but then find myself losing that … Read More

10 inventions for parents

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This morning as I stepped into the shower I learnt that bath crayons do not come out of white grout. They also don’t really come off the bottom of the bath if left overnight in the residue of bath water. This clearly isn’t ideal. I also had to negotiate a teapot half full of freezing cold water and a slightly … Read More

Warrior Women

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Warrior Women If there was one major thing I learnt from our last Guilty Mothers Club social (Warrior Women was the theme, a total sell out with plenty of wine and bar snacks – the irony was not lost) it was that exercise has to become a part of life, not a chore or something for the ‘to do’ list. … Read More

Attempting to declutter with kids

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It happens to us all when we have children. That lovely unit, yeah, isn’t quite as lovely when you can’t get a child lock on it and your toddler empties it daily. The sofa you loved is now covered with numerous throws to hide the stains (which if you’re me includes afterbirth, what the hell). Then there’s the fact that … Read More

Before breastfeeding you need to know this!

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I can understand why posters in hospitals don’t tell all. Let’s face it, “Breastfeeding – a sure fire way to make your nipples bleed,” isn’t great. But education is not about piling on pressure for women to feed their babies one way, nor just explaining the benefits in isolation. It’s about giving the facts – that sometimes it doesn’t work, … Read More