Motherhood during lockdown – Hannah’s story

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Another unique story of parenting during lockdown, this time from Hannah who asked if I would be up for sharing her experience of lockdown whilst recovering from post natal depression. Of course my answer was yes… Postnatal depression did a number on me during the first year of my son’s life, but things were finally getting good again. I was … Read More

Motherhood during lockdown

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It’s hard to quantify and articulate how difficult the last five weeks have been. Truth be told I’m even struggling to figure out if it has been five weeks, the days are all turning into one long, relentless, blur. And it goes without saying that the challenges will be so different and equally valid for everyone. No one wins the … Read More

Stories of being a working mum

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At the start of March we launched a campaign – This is what a working mum looks like, hoping to acknowledge and celebrate working motherhood in all it’s various forms (#allmumsareworkingmums). We hoped to capture the breath taking highs, the sometimes harsh realities, the moments that might have otherwise been missed. And to bring us together, to share our stories … Read More

Why we’re launching an online womens club

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Some of you might know that Guilty Mothers Club was originally a supper club which was run locally in Manchester. The idea was to bring women together to try and figure out how working motherhood could, well, work. Now, four years on, we’re making some big changes and re-launching as an online womens club. Here’s the story and why we’ve … Read More

Alternative ideas for advent

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I’m a huge fan of Christmas and over the years have concocted plenty of random and alternative ideas for advent. They sometimes leave my husband rolling his eyes, I think if he got his way we’d be right back to a chocolate advent calendar bought half price on Dec 2nd. Anyhow, I thought I’d share some alternative ideas for advent … Read More