How to set up a parents network

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Parents network

Last year Ellie set up a parents network in her place of work with some amazing results. Our campaign with Pregnant then Screwed, Dear Employer, returns on 30th April 2019. In this blog post Ellie shares what she learnt about how to set up a parents network and the steps she took to get it off the ground. Hopefully this … Read More

Dear Employer 2019

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Dear Employer

Dear Employer, our campaign with Pregnant then Screwed, is back for 2019. Missed it last year, here’s everything you need to know… Fuming that you’ve experienced or witnessed maternity discrimination? Frustrated that your employer does naff all to support parents returning to work after maternity leave? Bemused at why the maternity or parental leave package is so rubbish? Angry that … Read More

Does girl power damage our boys?

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We have three children, two girls and a boy, all under the age of 7. I am a feminist, my husband would, I’m pretty sure, describe himself as feminist too (though perhaps not as shouty as me) and we are trying to raise ALL our children to believe in equality for both genders. With our girls I’m pretty sure of … Read More

Dear Employer – feeling scared of telling the truth!

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This Friday 13th April we come together to write to our previous (or perhaps current) bosses explaining how it really is to be a woman and mother in the workplace in a brand new campaign with Pregnant then Screwed – Dear Employer.  Last year I wrote to my previous employer and it was an exceptionally cathartic process. There had been so … Read More

A working mum’s letter to my employer

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To: My Employer From: A Working Mum When I returned to work after maternity leave you viewed me differently. We discussed that “my priorities had changed” and therefore future promotions that were previously on the cards must be put on hold. And that, I later realised (if I was to continue to work part time anyway) meant to no longer … Read More

Guilty Mothers Club Turns Two!

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I’m celebrating two years of Guilty Mothers Club this month. Two whole years, how on earth has that happened.  So much has changed and there is also so much more change on it’s way…. Personally our lives are now very different to a year ago. GBK is now fully settled in to his stay-at-home-dad role (he is taking a year … Read More

Embracing our Inner Slattern

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As beautiful as this time of year is, as mellow as the weather has been and as exciting as it has been to finally get some time to myself after ten – yup, count ‘em –weeks of summer holidays, September has been incredibly hard work. My oldest boy, Bear, started school two weeks ago. His first week was fine but … Read More