A guide to working from home with your kids

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Working from home with kids

We know that a more flexible way of working, including more people being encouraged to work from home, is a good thing. However, being forced into it due to self isolation and this terrible Coronavirus pandemic is a very different matter. Not least because how on earth do you get anything done working from home with your kids? And we can’t ignore the fact that once schools do close women will be disproportionately affected since mothers do the lions share of childcare.

Obviously our health and the health of our families is THE most important thing here, that goes without saying. But we can’t ignore the fact that we still have mouths to feed and bills to pay throughout this. So I’ve created a guide to working from home with your kids that I hope will help.

Working from home with kids
Download the Guide

Within it I’ve included advice on how to cope with co-workers that don’t share your belief that toilet breaks should be made alone and require feeding every five minutes. You’ll find links to some excellent resources sharing activities you can be doing if / when schools end up up closing in the UK (if you’re elsewhere in the world reading this then you’re possibly one step ahead of us here).

You’ll also find a tool for planning and creating a new (hopefully very temporary) work / childcare routine for the coming weeks. A single document for you to plan out what each day might look like for everyone, what your priorities are and even what you’ll be eating.


I don’t know about you but in this time of huge uncertainty it helps me to feel like I’ve got some semblance of a plan for the coming weeks and months. That there is at least one area in which I can feel a bit more in control.

I’m trying really hard to think of the positives in all of this and spending time with our little troop, when usually life is pretty hectic, feels like one of them. Local community spirit and stories of wonderful kindness are definitely others I am clinging to right now.

If you have any other useful play or planning resources or anything else you think could be helpful for people then please do feel free to add them in the comments. And as always we are continuing to strengthen our own community as a group of mothers within our members club, which will remain open to join throughout this time. You are always welcome.

Hope this helps,

Helen x

2 Comments on “A guide to working from home with your kids”

  1. This is really useful, thanks. One issue I’ve seen come up on another forum is isolation given all playgroups etc will be cancelled. Is there a role for this group around creating a daytime virtual playgroup that those looking after kids all day could join, to maintain a level of sanity amongst us parents?

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