This is what a working mum looks like

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Knackered, stressed, only just holding it all together, yes sometimes, but also strong, talented, brave, skilled, adaptable, caring, bloody brilliant. This is what a working mum looks like.

And whilst we’re at it, ALL mums are working mums. The ones who spend their days at home raising the future, the ones working two jobs to pay the bills, the ones working full time for an employer, the ones grafting away making cash for themselves around school pick ups and play dates, the ones doing any combination of all of these.

We’re teaching how to wipe noses one minute and how to win clients the next, we’re giving cuddles at 8am and presentations by 10, we’re holding hands and holding our employees to account. We’re making tea, making calls, making friends. We’re running companies, we’re running marathons, we’re running PTAs. We’re running round in circles, we’re running households, we’re running on invisible treadmills that only seem to go faster and never stop.

We’re thinking up dinners, we’re thinking up stories, we’re thinking up ways to make our lives easier and often struggling to find the right answers. We’re working hard, we’re working long hours, we’re working more than we should have to in order to prove that we deserve our space in the world. Our work is sometimes unseen, our work is sometimes unrecognised, our work is sometimes crushed by those threatened by our brilliance – so let’s spend a whole month shouting about it!

We’re gathering at playgroups, we’re gathering in canteens, we’re gathering in meeting rooms. We’re playing games, we’re playing music, we’re playing a quite frankly ridiculous number of roles within 24 hours. We’re changing nappies, we’re changing beds, we’re changing minds about what we can and should be. We’re leading departments, we’re leading our homes, we’re leading the change we want to see in the world.

We’re building LEGO, we’re building careers, we’re building lives for ourselves and our families.

We’re real, we’re authentic, we’re honest. We’re on the same side (#allmumsareworkingmums), we won’t be divided, we are all so beautifully unique and yet connected in more ways than we even realise.

This is what a working mum looks like.

During March we want to celebrate and tell the stories that are not always told and with the detail that is not always seen. We want to hear and learn from mothers all over the world. We want to acknowledge that working motherhood is bloody hard sometimes but also wonderful and that often it is our strength, our resilience, our skills that are literally holding society together.

We’ve created a list of 30 prompts for the month and you can join in by sharing a photo a day and using the #thisiswhataworkingmumlookslike. Or if life gets too busy, just join in the days that really resonate.

Meet others, hear new stories and ways of working, be reassured that you are not alone by following along with the hashtag and saying hello. Finish up the month feeling inspired and with that little bit more belief in your own brilliance.

Because we are doing the most important jobs in the world.

#thisiswhataworkingmumlookslike #allmumsareworkingmums

3 Comments on “This is what a working mum looks like”

  1. Fantastic article! Needed to read that today. Yesterday felt like a tired weary day where many hats were worn and problems dealt with. Parenting and being a working parents is hard!!!

  2. Love this! Totally agree that our work is almost never recognised. Having found myself suddenly a single parent with no family around and very little support i am looking forward to seeing other real stories of mums who like me find motherhood a daily struggle (lol)! Xx

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