Where to start with my career change

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This is a big old question isn’t it, where to start with my career change? When you’ve talked yourself out of your number one option, then back into it, then out of it again, all in the space of a week. When you can’t see past doing something related to your current job, even though you hate everything about it. When you have a list of business ideas so long that you’ve just had to buy a new book to write them all in.

You would just really like someone to sit you down and tell you what to do next, because frankly you have neither the time nor the headspace to figure it out yourself. It feels like it would be easier to just stick with the norm and justify to yourself that it is only for a short period of time….even though deep down you don’t like the idea of being in this job this for another month never mind another few years.

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Yep, I totally get it. I think it is probably hard enough to be doing this sort of thinking when you’ve had a full night sleep and a weekend to yourself, but add in planning a daily schedule that resembles a military operation and a negotiation with a toddler that any highly trained professional would be proud of all before 8am, it’s no wonder that decision fatigue (this is a real thing by the way) leaves you feeling a bit stuck. You are not alone, I can reassure you of this.

So, I hear you ask, is there anything that can be done?

Well in terms of sitting down and giving you the answer, probably not. In fact that’s possibly why I ended up working in a role I didn’t enjoy for quite a while. I think at some point in secondary school I was sat down in a dusty room and given a page of text to read about a job half related to a subject I once did o.k in (and my mates liked) and decided that it should be my future career. Only to discover it looked much more fun on paper than in reality. Or something like that anyway.

THE biggest and best piece of advice I can give if you are in this situation is to start getting out there and experimenting with options. Get exploring, be curious, ask as many questions as possible.

There is definitely something to be said for doing some reflection, getting clear on your values and what you want and need from any new job, spending some time considering what your non-negotiables are from any new position (we do all of this within the Game Changers course, our proven technique for making these sorts of changes, now available for all members in the club – hurrah). But once you’ve done some of this, or whilst you are still doing some of this, the best way forward is by taking a step forward. Just a small one, not a big scary leap, and trying out some of your ideas or options in a quick and easy way.

To help with this we have a brand new FREE download – The Game Changers Guide to Experimenting, in which I’ve put some more context around why this works and given a list of example experiments that you could try out to stop yourself from going round in circles.

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Choose one of the example experiments, give it a go and learn as much as possible along the way. Career Changing isn’t always a straightforward, linear process. It’s a twisty turny (is that a word?), get yourself out there, action filled adventure and it does take a bit of practise to feel comfortable with this lack of certainty along the way.

So if you find yourself typing into Google, ‘where to start with my career change” and are struggling to even get going on the adventure, then I hope this might provide just enough structure to get you moving,

Helen x

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