Guilty Mothers Club, 20 in 2020

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We wanted to do something to celebrate the launch of our brand new membership. Ideally this would involve us all hanging out in one room, drinking something fizzy, eating huge slices of cake, maybe a few balloons, you get the gist. However, since we are based right across the country, and, well, I’ve still not got out of my jammies since Christmas, we’ve gone for the next best thing (kind of).

On Sunday 5th January at 8pm we’ll be coming together for a virtual live launch event, which we’ve given the handy title – Guilty Mothers Club 20 in 2020.

You know how lots of people decide to do some cool stuff to celebrate a big birthday. So perhaps a list of things you want to do that year, an amazing holiday, a party with the people you wish you’d invited to your wedding but didn’t (just me?) 

Well, why on earth wait until there’s a big birthday or a set event to start doing the things that you’ve secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) been thinking about for years. Or maybe you’ve not been thinking about them at all, in which case, how about I give you a reason to start now. 

This is a big part of the new membership, getting clear on what exactly it is we want to be doing and then setting goals, making plans and getting the accountability to make them happen. 

So, with all of that in mind, we’re going to get the ball rolling with a live event and challenge (hosted on Instagram, just head over to the Guilty Mothers Club profile) where I’ll be sharing a load of ideas, advice and a huge dose of encouragement to start your own list of 20 in 2020. You can sit back and finish off that box of chocolates knowing that come 5th January you’ll be getting your groove on. You’ll finish up the evening with the start of a list which is the perfect balance of exciting, scary and brilliant all at once.

This is not about writing down a load of unachievable, random things that look better on paper than anywhere else, only to be stuffed into a drawer and then used as a makeshift permission slip that you forgot to sign for school. 

This is a bit of fun, this is a bit of, “hmm o.k what actually do I want to do this year”, these are thought provoking questions that might actually help you to uncover some thinking or ideas that have been lost under a heavy nappy bag or the like.

I’d love you to join in, everyone is welcome, members, not yet members, might want to be members, not ready to be members… watch along, be inspired, say hello.

And if you do decide to join the club then this event will lead perfectly into our Game Changers course (included in the membership as standard) where you can then transform your list into a focused and actionable plan for the year ahead. Basically whatever is on there, no matter how big or seemingly small, we’re going to get together and help each other to make them happen so that next Christmas we’ll be having a celebration of all our brilliant achievements. Eeeeek, exciting.

To hear more about the new membership, including some behind the scenes footage, and get a handy reminder to join us the night, you can sign up to our Membership Waiting List here.

Speak soon and hopefully see you in the club,

Helen x

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