The ultimate school holiday planner

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It’s that time of year again, when as a parent you can no longer avoid the fact that you are about to embark on six weeks of pure kid craziness, so I have created what I think is the ultimate school holiday planner.

Ultimate school holiday planner

For a working parent this time of year means creating logistical plans that any army would be proud of and potentially managing the guilt of not being around the whole time or knowing that you’ll be attempting to work and entertain at the same time, ahh the joyous double whammy.

For a parent with more than one child there’s the added pressure of finding stuff that meets everyone’s needs (plus a little more guilt if the youngest is still going to childcare, which for the record, is definitely unwarranted, we have all been there). And for all of us there’s the pressure to entertain, have fun, not lose our marbles (literally and metaphorically) and avoid using the TV for more than is acceptable in the eyes of the wholesome parenting police. There will be scrolling through websites for money off vouchers for that theme park that will require you to re-mortgage for the privilege of being cooped up with thousands of other knackered parents. Then there is trying to decide if you have the mental capacity to invite extra children round to your house – always the trade off with that coffee and conversation you’ll get with another functioning adult. Not to mention the crossing of every part of your body that the weather holds out because any more than 3 days without a park trip will most certainly lead to a revolt. Oh and possibly some actual holiday packing and the like thrown in, just incase you thought it was going to be easy – haha.

We are big on planning in our house, so big in fact that Gazzy has at times questioned whether I enjoy the planning more than the actual doing. Which is obviously true because the doing takes serious effort and the planning I get to do on my own with wine.

Anyhow, I thought I would share my ultimate school holiday planner and some guidance on the process we went through which has helped me move from nervous and apprehensive to excited about our time together. It took us a couple of hours max and in my mind was time exceptionally well spent.

Hope it helps,

Helen x

P.S I AM A HUGE development geek. I like doing this sort of stuff, genuinely. I wouldn’t do it otherwise. It also helps me feel less anxious to have stuff planned, this will be our first long holiday with four kids at home and honestly, I am a tad nervous.

If you are having to work all but 3 days of the holidays and the idea of doing any sort of home based activity makes you feel like throwing up, this does not make you a bad parent. In fact it probably makes you the same as at least 50% of the parenting population. Guilty Mothers Club is about ditching the guilt not finding new ways to make yourself feel bad. Just saying.

The link here should allow you to get hold of the planner, do let me know if it doesn’t come through in the next couple of hours –

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