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I initially came across Guilty Mothers Club and the Game Changers course for making a career change by accident.

I wasn’t even looking to do a course such as this and when I first saw the description for Game Changers I thought, “that sounds a bit extreme but I know I need to do something to change things”. 

As is happens it wasn’t extreme at all.  It was just what I needed but didn’t realise it.

When I started the course I had been at my company for 14 years and had two young children (aged 2 and 4).  I had worked very hard to get to where I was.  Because I had worked so hard I hadn’t entertained any thoughts of any other path and was determined to “hang on in there” despite it not working for me or my family.  I was exhausted, overwhelmed and unsatisfied but didn’t know how to improve the quality of my life. 

The other women on the programme had all different backgrounds and goals which made is all the more interesting.  At all times, Helen never pushed her views on what we should be doing, but simply gave us the tools and asked the right questions for us to figure out what was right for us, which varied substantially across the group. 

The course was packed with great information and exercises, which subsequent to the course I’ve gone back and redone.  The two biggest “aha moments” (as Helen calls them) for me was the concept of “what’s the worst that could happen” and the exercise on working out financials.  After being with the same company for 14 years I was drowning in a fear of the unknown and the crippled by worry about change.  Helen broke this down and together with the financial exercise I realised that just because I had been earning a decent monthly wage, I didn’t actually need that amount of money. 

At the end of the course I realised that I needed to leave my job.  The fear of change and the unknown was gone and I decided to hand my notice in.  I had no plans or job lined up which was purposeful.  I knew that I was fortunate to afford some time off and give myself the space to reboot myself after the intensity of that type of work and motherhood.  For the first time in my life, I put myself first and my family have reaped the benefits. 

The course had a huge impact on my perspective of life, what I wanted and opened my eyes to the possibilities.  It made me face my fears and allowed me to dream. 

The hardest thing I have ever done was making the decision to leave my job.  It sounds so simple but it has been the best thing I’ve done and I have not looked back (not even once!).  I have now set myself up as a consultant and have been overwhelmed by the opportunities. 

One of the exercises we did was a visualisation, it’s not for everyone and to be honest I didn’t think it would work for me.  However, a year after the course, I am now living my vision I had and I could not be happier. 

If you had shown me the life I’m now living, the 2018 me wouldn’t believe you.  Ironic, as I was a reluctant Game Changer!

Kate, London

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