How to set up a parents network

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Parents network

Last year Ellie set up a parents network in her place of work with some amazing results. Our campaign with Pregnant then Screwed, Dear Employer, returns on 30th April 2019. In this blog post Ellie shares what she learnt about how to set up a parents network and the steps she took to get it off the ground. Hopefully this … Read More

Dear Employer 2019

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Dear Employer

Dear Employer, our campaign with Pregnant then Screwed, is back for 2019. Missed it last year, here’s everything you need to know… Fuming that you’ve experienced or witnessed maternity discrimination? Frustrated that your employer does naff all to support parents returning to work after maternity leave? Bemused at why the maternity or parental leave package is so rubbish? Angry that … Read More

Career change story – Kate

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I initially came across Guilty Mothers Club and the Game Changers course for making a career change by accident. I wasn’t even looking to do a course such as this and when I first saw the description for Game Changers I thought, “that sounds a bit extreme but I know I need to do something to change things”.  As is … Read More