5 reasons why coding makes an awesome flexible career

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There are a number of organisations who we believe are doing great work in promoting flexibility and alternative career routes for parents who want to find that work life balance around having a family. If you’ve not heard of 23 Code Street before then check out this guest blog post which describes five reasons why coding can make an awesome flexible career for parents! I have to be honest and say I don’t know much about this area but really enjoyed understanding more.

When considering your flexible work options, have you ever thought about coding?  

Most days we all visit websites and use different apps – these are built by using code.

Essentially, code is a set of rules and instructions that we give a computer which bridges the gap between human language and computer language. Everyone has the ability to learn to code, you don’t necessarily need to be a math genius or a ‘techie’. All you need is the motivation to learn and time to practice.

23 Code Street is a coding school for women and non binary people. For every paying student, we teach digital skills to a disadvantaged woman in the slums of Mumbai. It was started by Anisah Osman Britton; after working in the tech scene for a few years, she realised that she was often the only woman in a room, or the only woman in the room with any technical understanding. Globally 88% of developers are men; the gender imbalance in tech has a huge impact on innovation, products and services.

One of the school’s main missions is to  provide women, from all walks of life, with the skills to be technical and build our future. They launched their Daytime Webinar Course for complete beginners to reach more women who need to/ prefer to learn from home during the day – so it’s perfect for working mums or mums who are only free during the school hours.

Why coding makes a great flexible career

Below are five more reasons why coding can be an awesome flexible career for mums

  1. Be in control of your work schedule and banish the 9-5

 How does no longer working 9-5 sound?

To be able to code you just need a laptop and some good wifi!  Lots of coding jobs can be done remotely either at home, in a cafe or wherever you prefer within the hours that suit you. After progressing into a fully fledged developer, you could work for a company or a freelancer with a range of clients that interest you.

  1.  Learn an in-demand skill

There’s currently a huge digital skills gap; employers are looking to hire people who can code and have a technical understanding. As our world becomes more and more digital, the number of tech jobs is increasing. This report found there are over 7 million jobs which require coding skills and programming jobs overall are growing 12% faster than the market average.

  1.  Enjoy a rewarding career

Let’s face it, not all flexible working options are that rewarding. Coding definitely is.

At first, learning to code may seem daunting, a bit like learning a new language, but you’ll soon start to realise how it all pieces together and that is a hugely rewarding feeling. You can’t help but feel proud after you’ve built your first proper web page – something you’ve written, now lives online. You’ll definitely feel a sense of achievement and want to show off your work!

  1.  Put your skills to good use

Coding is a great way to combine your old and new skills. You’ll be able to use skills you’ve developed in previous jobs and other experiences to help you – like problem-solving, basic maths, an eye for detail, and the ability to Google!

Plus learning to code can be a great way to develop your skill set in your current profession and gain a competitive edge. For example, marketers and designers are learning to code to be able to edit websites and newsletters and work alongside tech teams with confidence.

  1.  Feel empowered and empower others

Tech is seriously lacking women. Globally 88% of developers are men; this is having a huge impact on the products and services being released- for example, Apple released a health app without a period tracker on. By learning to code, you ’ll be helping create a more gender-balanced tech industry, smashing gender stereotypes and inspiring the next generation of girls to work in tech.

If you’re interested in learning to code, click HERE to find out about 23 Code Street and their daytime webinar course.

And if you know of any other organisations which promote brilliant flexible working opportunities or are particularly family friendly then let us know so that we can feature them in future,

Helen x

(P.s this is not a sponsored blog post)

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