FREE workshop for mums on maternity leave

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Returning to work after maternity leave

If you’re due to return to work in the coming weeks or months there is now a FREE workshop for Mums on maternity leave which will help build your confidence, gain clarity on what, where, how and when you go back.

Anyone who has followed Guilty Mothers Club for a while will know that this is a project of passion for me. I’ve spoken to far too many mothers who haven’t had the easiest experience, including myself! And actually, even if you have a great employer and you’ve already confirmed the details of your return to work, spending an hour reminding yourself of all your incredible skills and creating a simple plan of what you need to do before you go back can be soooo helpful and turn an o.k experience into a brilliant one.

Mums on maternity leave - you got this!

I first ran Rock your Return as a set of in person workshops around Manchester a few years ago, which then progressed into a series of online webinars but with specific start dates. Finally, after much deliberation and feedback from previous attendees, I’ve now made the course available to book on at any time and complete as a series of videos. After all, when you’ve just had a difficult phone conversation, or you have suddenly had that moment of, “of shit, this is happening”, you don’t want to be waiting 6 weeks for the next intake.

I know I would have benefitted from being immediately surrounded by other women who could say, “I get it”. I’d have liked to have been equipped with tools and techniques to manage the next conversation coming up that was on my mind. It would be incredible if more women could feel really confident that they can nail it (after all we all know working mothers are incredible).

I have always had this, perhaps slightly optimistic, dream of building this strong tribe of mothers who feel empowered during this period of change. For mums on maternity leave to return to work feeling set up and organised on the home front whilst prepared and confident in terms of their future career decisions. To have a dedicated space, surrounded by positive, honest, supportive women (something which might not be available in the office) in order to say, “this is really bloody hard” or “I feel guilty on a daily basis” or “actually I am really enjoying this, does that make me a bad mother?” (no).

Workshop for mums on maternity leave preparing to return

I’m also now offering this development (including training for line managers on how to manage the process) to employers and have had a number of forward thinking businesses already sign up. They’ll be working to change the way they manage maternity returners in future and no doubt retain their female talent. Which is just so exciting (if you think your current place of work might be interested, or you’d like to get them to be, then do email me – and I can send you over information to pass on).

I know personally the huge value in having support during this time and individual one-to-one maternity coaching can be incredible. But I also know that this it isn’t always an option financially, nor something that is for everyone.

And actually sometimes there can be real benefit to work through this support in your own time, completely flexible around naps and feeds, and have a group of other women around you to share stories of how it can work as well as give advice when things don’t go to plan without that slight worry, as can sometimes arise with an employer led workshop, that there will be impartiality.

This is where I hope Rock your Return can come in and make a real difference.

The first workshop is now completely FREE!!! We have already had over 50 women complete it with some wonderful results and feedback, just from doing one single 30 minute workshop alone. We are aiming to double this figure (at least) in the coming months and hopefully empower as many women as possible to have a more positive experience and feel confident in their skills and experiences.

Enabling many happier returns to work, for mums on maternity leave

So if you’re currently on maternity leave and due to return, or are now considering what next and feeling like your head is a bit all over the place, then here’s where you can find all the details of the full programme and free trial workshop.

And I’ll try and contain my enthusiasm for finally having something I’ve been working on for a long time and believe in so strongly come to life!!!

Helen x

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  1. Hi
    I have been made redundant one month before childbirth, my confidence had already dropped following the birth of my first child and now this has happened I lack confidence and self esteem. Are there any free courses I can enrol on?

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