The Mothership – The ultimate sisterhood for working mothers

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Drumroll… We’re so excited to announce that the brand new and improved Mothership is now open – this is our membership programme for working mums. Something we felt was really missing in our own lives as busy parents trying to earn a crust whilst spend time with our little ones, not to mention hold everything else together and spend a bit of time on ourselves! Here’s more about why we’ve made the changes and what it’s all about…

What Is The Mothership? 

The Mothership is our members-only community designed specifically for working mothers. We know working motherhood can at times feel overwhelming and confusing, so our mission is to provide an inspirational ‘village’ where like-minded women can share resources and support each other to clarify and achieve the goals and aspirations they deserve alongside being the parent they want to be. We initially launched in January this year and it quickly exceeded our expectations in terms of the numbers wanting to be involved and enthusiasm for the content.

This first opening was always going to be about gathering feedback to get it exactly right based on what members wanted and needed. We knew it would be a learning curve, I’m not sure we were ready for just how big. Technology played on our minds, there were features we wanted to include but just couldn’t and it wasn’t as slick and joined up as we had hoped. It was a case of sitting down and analysing what everyone was telling us, alongside tons of research into tech platforms and what was working elsewhere, in order to make some pretty major changes.

It was a bit scary but we decided to press pause for a few months whilst these changes took place, we had originally planned to open up to new members on 1st of April of this year. But we knew that some of this was too important to ignore, the easy decision would have been to carry on and attempt workarounds. Less stressful, less workload, less chance of losing our original brilliant members.

Obviously we wouldn’t have said this at the time but right now we are thrilled we followed our instincts and went for the harder option.

After nearly three months of work the new platform we moved on to has everything we need for future and is really accessible and straightforward to use. We’ve tailored and been more selective with the content (quality over quantity, mums are all too busy for anything but) and put our energy into the features that we were told people loved. As a result we have also been able to make it cheaper AND include a 14 day free trial period.

That old nugget around learning more from your mistakes than anything else rang so true, we worried people would be frustrated at the delay or that we’d come across as unprofessional but in fact we were blown away by the support of so many of our current members during the entire change process. We were really honest and tried to communicate regularly along the way, hopefully that just allowed people to see that we are human, fellow mums wanting to build something special, not some huge money driven faceless machine!

Connect With Other Working Mothers 

Community and sisterhood are powerful – both emotionally and practically. We don’t want any working mothers to feel isolated, lonely or that no-one ‘gets it’. One of our most important goals is to hook you up with other amazing women, both locally and further afield, with whom you can skill swap, problem solve and share ideas, advice and experiences. This is one key benefit of the new and improved Mothership where you’ll be able to search for and connect with women who share your geographical location, industry, family structure and/or passions, women facing similar challenges and sharing a similar desire to help each other find their own unique way that works for them. 

Develop Yourself 

We know that just because you’re a mother it doesn’t mean you won’t want to grow and progress as a woman and in your career. You may be happy in your current career or you may desire a change – either way we’ll support you in getting clear on your goals every month and making real progress towards them. We offer simple, easily actionable development prompts, tools and challenges rather than reams of overwhelming information and resources. We want to help you inject more fun, relaxation, inspiration and creativity into your life.  

It Takes A Village! 

In addition to all the above, The Mothership will be filled with regular, thought-provoking questions and prompts, book clubs, ideas for home and leisure, your fellow members’ own unique stories, and much more. We want to provide opportunities for everyone to have a bit more fun, get a bit more creative, try something new… We’re all parents but also so much more besides.

Think of it like a virtual workspace, project lab and coffee shop all rolled into one. Over the months we’ve got tons of monthly themes planned from confidence through to managing work life balance. We want to create an exceptionally supportive, kind and kick ass community where you can feel happy and safe asking for advice on a work issue, chat about whether or not to go for that promotion or even how to plan for the perfect family friendly holiday. Where you can set clear goals so you feel you have some direction in your life but also enjoy discovering new ways to work and play.

 We’re so incredibly excited about this community and we’re so proud of the amazing women we already have in there – we’d absolutely love for you to join us – it’s completely free to trial for 14 days so please do head on over, have a good look around and see if it’s for you – 🙂

We really hope you love it as much as we do! 

Helen & Anna x

Find out more about how to join The Mothership here

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