How To Be Really Productive – Grace Marshall

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Achieving clarity and getting results in a world where work never ends

Author: Grace Marshall

Publisher: Pearson Business

Format: Paperback

Pages: 280

ISBN: 9781292083834


This book will change what you think it takes to be productive.

True productivity in a world where the work never ends is not about working harder, faster or longer. It’s about working smarter, doing your best work and coming home knowing you delivered. 

You’ve already tried those other, old time-management techniques, but when you’re drowning in emails, meeting requests, deadlines, competing priorities, and never-ending to-do lists - they just haven’t worked! There’s always way too much to do and never enough time. 

This is a better way.

How To Be Really Productive gives you practical guidance and key skills that will give you the freedom, space and mindset you need to get organised, focused and in control, to manage your workload and other people’s expectations and to get more of the right things done.

So take control today and discover a new, empowering approach that will banish the stress, pressure and craziness and leave you feeling calm, balanced and really, really productive.

“This book will challenge you to think differently about your work … and probably your life too!”

Graham Alcott, Author of ‘How to be a productivity ninja’

“What a great use of time: consider this an investment in your ‘more productive self!’”

Kristen Pressner, Global HR executive

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