Smoky pancetta cod

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Smoky Pancetta Cod

Serves 2

10 minutes cooking time


Source: Jamie Oliver's 5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food

Gluten-free: Yes

Dairy-free: Yes

A great recipe from Jamie Oliver's 5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food (an ace little midweek meal lifesaver! I've used this LOADS). This is SO simple to make and both kids gobble it up.


  • Smoked pancetta (8 rashers)
  • White fish fillets (2 x 150g fillets, skin off, pin-boned)
  • Fresh rosemary (2 sprigs)
  • Cooked lentils (1 x 250g sachet)
  • Spinach (200g)
  • Red wine vinegar (a 6th ingredient Jamie sneaks in mid-recipe!)


  1. Sprinkle the fish with black pepper and wrap up each fish fillet in 4 overlapped rashers of pancetta.
  2. Place in a large non-stick frying pan on a medium heat for about 8 minutes, turning occasionally until cooked through, adding the rosemary for the last 2 minutes.
  3. Remove the fish onto a plate. Toss the lentils into the pan with a splash of red wine vinegar. Once they’ve soaked up the vinegar and residual flavour from the fish, push the lentils to one side of the pan and add the spinach to the other side until it’s wilted.
  4. Season generously then serve the cod on top of the lentils with the spinach on the side and the rosemary on top.
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