Goal Setting

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As Goal Setting is such a key feature of The Mothership you have a set of 3 bonus workshops this month, which can be completed together or individually.


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  1. This is fab. I am like you Anna and a reactive total people pleaser. Can I be really shallow and say I have kitchen envy?!!!

  2. You two are a-dorable!! I am kind of sad now I am on the continent, far away from you ladies, but I do hope we’ll have the chance to meet in person one day 🙂 Who knows, maybe 2018?

    I am doing my yoga teacher training at the moment and after the last weekend in December I was in such a free flow I did a kind of vision/goal setting session on a huuuuuge roll of drawing paper from the kids 😉 It turned out to last for three hours, I lost track of time .. By the end I felt exhausted but wonderful. It was the first time I had the feeling I was writing down HOW I wanted to feel and WHY I wanted to do all these things (kind of like values). I am still not fully done, especially with the breaking down of goals for the year and months 😉 But with your help, I’ll definitely get another boost as the year unfolds!

    I LOVE mantras and words (storyteller for life) and my word for 2018 is CORE, not as to get really great abs, but more to feel and move and act from my centre, putting my why and my needs first so I can be there healthy and stable for my family.

    Again, so thankful for being on the cruise with you! With the videos, I felt like I was sittting with my coffee mug in the kitchen with you 🙂

    Big love from Den Haag!

    1. Wow what lovely things to hear thank you so much Eva! Absolutely over the moon that this has been such a positive experience for you, and it really does sound like this is going to be a wonderful year for you. We’re so grateful to have you on board – and you’ll always be very special as our very first international Mothershipper! 🙂 x

  3. Thanks for this, it’s a fab way of organising thoughts, ideas and hopes. I like the way you compare it to an appraisal at work. I never considered doing one for myself now I’m my own boss!! (I too have kitchen envy btw!) x

    1. Really glad you like it Helen, I know, we were the same. I used to design appraisal / talent processes and literally the minute I was out of there never did any of it again. It is one of the things I miss actually, as much as I didn’t used to look forward to them the process of stopping and reviewing and getting feedback was always useful. Now, hopefully, we can all remind each other to do this 🙂 xx

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