Easy fitness for knackered mums

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Easy fitness for knackered mums

The Playpen is the ‘for fun’ area of The Mothership, where each month there is a focus on a different optional hobby / fun challenge for you to try out if you want to. We know that being busy mothers, it’s not always easy to research new hobbies or to find easy and quick ways to try them out without too much commitment, so each month we’ll put in the hours to research and curate some easily accessible free resources to get you off the starting blocks if you want to. 

For January’s Playpen, we decided to focus on fitness. Perhaps not the thing that immediately comes to mind when you hear the word ‘fun’ (well, for us anyway) but what we hear from a lot of working mothers is that they’d love to get fit or exercise more, but that it’s tricky to find the time / energy / money to start doing it, and they’re not sure what kind of workouts they’d actually enjoy. This is certainly how we feel! We’re also aware that with it being January, shifting all the winter and Christmas sluggishness is higher than usual on many people’s priority list. 

So, this month we've curated a list of 45 online exercise videos that can easily be done from the comfort of your own home. We’ve made sure they are all completely free, and also we’ve selected ones that don’t require any exercise equipment whatsoever, not even free weights, so no-one has to go and buy anything to do this. We’ve tried to select a wide range of different types of exercise so that there’s plenty of variety and something to suit you depending on what mood you’re in, what part(s) of your body you want to focus on, or what you enjoy the most. There’s also a full range of lengths of workout, from 3 minutes to 1 hour, so there should be something there for you irrespective of what window of time you have available to do something. They are all listed in ascending order of length for your convenience, and the focus of each workout is in capitals so you can quickly cast your eyes over the list and see what appeals. 

We’d love you to share which ones you try and also any favourites, as well as any other recommendations of your own of course – just head over to the #playpen channel in The Workspace to chat about any Playpen projects. See you in there, we’ll be hanging out in there all lycra-clad with muscles bulging (and definitely not sweating hideously eating a Jaffa Cake in our pyjamas after only 3 stomach crunches… honest).

Under 5 mins

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Under 10 mins

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Under 15 mins

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Under 20 mins

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Under 1 hour

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This month, set yourself a goal to try out doing some new workouts. You decide how many, what and when, remember to keep your goal SMART. And of course, do check with a medical professional or fitness expert to ensure that what you are doing is right for you and your body!

Keep a note of any that you try out and love and / or don’t like and let’s share them in the #playpen channel in The Mothership Workspace. You could also find an accountability buddy in there if you want to try to egg each other on to hit your goal 🙂 

Get involved and be a winner

We discovered these fantastic cards from Jemma Thomas, the brilliant mum and personal trainer who runs Mummas Health Hub. She’s designed a ‘Pack of Hacks’, postcards showing moves, hints, tips and sequences to “help us Mums fit in some exercise around the crazy, busy and unpredictable life that comes with having kids”.

We’ll be giving away a pack to one lucky member, see The Workspace for more details.

https://www.mummashealthhub.com/product-page/mamma-s-health-hub-pack-of-hacks – £12.95 

2 Comments on “Easy fitness for knackered mums”

  1. You have basically just completed my Digital Mums campaign for me – I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!! Actually, I’ve done a bit of both and now I’m high fiving you!!

    1. I’m hoping they’ll cover mindfulness too! Anna very briefly mentioned the word mindful in the first Goal Setting video and I nearly weed myself!

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