Let’s not wait until Mother’s Day to slow down!

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Since we are heading towards Mother’s Day I felt the need to write a blog post all about us and how awesome we all are.

I’ll be honest some of the signs and adverts for Mother’s Day make me majorly cringe:

“Give Mum a day off from the cooking” – errrr??
“Mum deserves a treat once in a while”  – what a quick treat before getting back to our usual role of 1950’s housewife?!

However, you take what you can get and I am more than looking forward to milking every moment of this Sunday. Plus I love to see how excited my eldest is to be making me a card in school (shhhhh it’s a secret), the lesson around practising gratitude is huge, for us too if we are lucky enough to have our own Mothers around (by the way Keeping Mum is a really lovely blog for those navigating motherhood without their own mothers, I know these days can feel a bit crap for anyone who has lost a parent).

Motherhood is weird isn’t it. I literally spend my days / weeks trying to get my head round it and just when I think I am winning it all goes tits up (we all know it definitely doesn’t go tits UP) and I am back despairing at my lack of control or poor parenting choices.

I’ve decided therefore just to go along with the fact that it is crazily weird. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, it’s exhilarating, frightening, hard, like the hardest thing ever but then also wonderful, like my heart might actually burst here this could not feel any better, wonderful. Oh and then it’s back to being ridiculously mind numbingly boring again. It regularly blows my mind.

(Some of my favourite Mother’s Day cards above by Thisisladyland)

It’s taught me and continues to teach me things about myself that I’m not sure I would ever have found out. At times it’s led me to feel lonelier than ever before and yet it has also introduced me to friendship and experiences on a whole new level.
It comes piled high with guilt and judgement whilst also having allowed me to run and jump and laugh more freely than ever.

It’s also all encompassing and I think today more than ever we take on a whole lot.

I watch in awe as the mothers I meet manage careers, childcare, birthday parties, family gatherings, households, moments of loss, moments of celebration. I think it’s brilliant that we are getting more honest about the fact some of this is fairly shit and of course things need to change on the gender inequality front. But let’s not dwell on that this week – let’s just make a mental note that when we do start ruling the world there ain’t gonna be nothing we can’t handle.

So this Mother’s Day my hope is that we can stop for a minute and truly recognise that we are bloody awesome. That we all do it differently (rightly so), we all face our unique challenges and yet when brought together we also have so much in common and can provide each other with so much support and inspiration.

And perhaps we make a commitment to ourselves, that we definitely won’t wait for a single day once a year to slow down, to get what we need, what we deserve for all that we do.

Let’s be kinder to ourselves, let’s keep being kinder to each other, let’s not wait to be asked but offer or insist. Let’s keep on building community because I really think that’s where it’s at.

Happy Mother’s Day incredible mothers, keep up the good work xxx

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