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This week’s challenge is basically about creating your own Listening Project. If you haven’t heard some of the fascinating conversations recorded on the BBC Radio 4 Listening Project then have a look or take part here.

conversationIt is basically about capturing conversations to build up a picture of life today in the UK, the conversations are recorded and then get archived by the British Library, brilliant all round. Their words to describe it are:

“Creating space for you and a loved one to have the conversation you always meant to have”.

I have caught some really interesting ones over the years from stories of first dates through to really heartbreaking tales of loss. I love the idea and am as ever fascinated by story telling.

It got me thinking about who I’d talk to and what I’d want to discuss. My Dad died when I was little and of course I daydream regularly about what I’d ask him if he was still alive. I’d love to know how he found being a Dad, what he dreamed of being when he grew up, what scared him. It makes me really sad that I’ll never get to ask those questions but I also suddenly realised that there are some other conversations that I still have the option of having but perhaps haven’t.

Our lives are often so busy and full that it’s not often we take the time to stop and properly listen. Maybe it’s a particular topic you’ve never asked someone about or you want to just sit and reflect on a certain incident that happened. Maybe you want to reflect on happy times, hear someone tell a particular classic family tale or actually just take the time to halisteningve record the voice of someone close.

I don’t know about you but we have so many videos of our children but not so many of some of our family and friends. I also find that with certain family members we see each other all the time but rarely find a moment for have this different type of conversation.

We’re heading away with family for half term so I am planning to find a quiet moment with a cup of tea and have a particular conversation I’ve always wanted to have which I’ll capture on my phone (probably just the audio as opposed to a video). This is about slowing things down a little bit, taking time to properly listen, reflect and capture something important.

I’d love to know if you try it and how you got on… x

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