Record a conversation you’ve always wanted to have

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This week’s challenge is basically about creating your own Listening Project. If you haven’t heard some of the fascinating conversations recorded on the BBC Radio 4 Listening Project then have a look or take part here. It is basically about capturing conversations to build up a picture of life today in the UK, the conversations are recorded and then get archived … Read More

A Mum’s Digital Detox

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Working for myself and using social media for my business means that I’ve started to have an issue with blurred boundaries. It’s not a massive issue currently but I can see that it has potential so I am taking action. Largely in the form of a week long digital detox holiday with a pool and sunshine and large quantities of … Read More

Embracing our Inner Slattern

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As beautiful as this time of year is, as mellow as the weather has been and as exciting as it has been to finally get some time to myself after ten – yup, count ‘em –weeks of summer holidays, September has been incredibly hard work. My oldest boy, Bear, started school two weeks ago. His first week was fine but … Read More