Guilty Mother Challenge

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We all know that being a mother brings some super amazing highs mixed with crazy lows. We have days where we feel like we are totally owning it followed by others where we can’t wait until bedtime. I worry that I will miss something, not remember all the tiny moments that rock my world but then find myself losing that thought amongst piles of washing.

guilty Mother challenge

These weekly challenges may be short and quick (none last longer than 10 minutes) but they aim to help us make small positive changes. Help us to live in the moment, celebrate the small victories and hopefully bring about that little bit more balance through reminding us to focus on ourselves. Moments in your day or week where for once you don’t feel guilty – or at the very least can laugh about it!

They are also just really good fun and encourage us to play more (which research shows is vital for our health). Some might encourage us to try something new or different, others will simply be about logging memories.

We can share our experiences across the community, which will no doubt mean shared laughter at our imperfections, embracing ‘good enough’ parenting together and of course learning from each other. We’ll be focusing on what connects us, what can make us stronger, without any judgment or unhelpful comparing.

As well as helping you to live in the moment, at the end of the year we will have a set of experiences, photos, memories and ideas. You might notice something has changed, decide to take on some stuff longer term because it really worked, remember a particularly poignant conversation or just reflect on things you have learnt about yourself.

Do something you weren't allowed to do as a child copy

You can join in every week (sharing and hearing how others have interpreted the challenge) or choose to do whichever ones take your fancy on your own. We also have a few special ones in mind, designed by Mothers who we feel are nailing this whole parenting, loving what they do, holding it all together malarkey.

So, here is our first one – ‘Do something you weren’t allowed to do as a child”.

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We’d love to hear how you are getting on, let’s be in it together x


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