Are you currently on maternity leave and due to return in the next six months?

Do you have tons of questions, hopes and fears swirling around your head?

Would you like to get prepared, be that with the practical side but also emotional?

Returning to work can feel so daunting, I know because I have been there. You have changed fundamentally as a person, you have new priorities and life has altered beyond all recognition.

You question ‘what next’ – a return to the same role, a different role within the same industry or indeed taking a break from your career or something new altogether. There there might be a difficult conversation to be had with your employer, childcare to find, flexible working requests…

All of this would feel difficult to navigate at the best of times but when you are low in confidence and struggling with the guilt of leaving your baby it can feel pretty overwhelming.


This mini course aims to help you create a plan for managing your return to work. We’ll consider all the practicalities from childcare to office politics to what on earth to wear when noting fits! Yet also the emotional side, dealing with that guilt, building confidence and rediscovering your groove. All alongside a group of other Mums who know how it feels and are going through similar experiences.

Tricky conversations: Whether it be a flexible working application or setting boundaries with your employer, we all have those conversations that we put off. Choose a conversation and learn how to have it with confidence.

Making it work: The washing, the shopping, the commute, the childcare… the sheer volume of stuff to do! We’ll discuss how you use your time, manage expectations, create a support network and more in this workshop focusing on balance.

What next? Creating a vision for your life as a working parent. Reconnect with who you are post children, what is important and where you want to be in the future. This really works!


You are due to return to work from maternity leave, it might be in the next 6 weeks or 6 months. If you are due to return imminently then you will be ready to start thinking about (I know the timing of this differs for each person, I was happy in my baby bubble until about 2 months before but for others this is earlier).

You want to meet a group of other parents all going through the same thing.

  • A set of 3 pre recorded webinars
  • An accompanying workbook
  • Access to a closed Facebook group for ongoing support
  • A workshop without having to find childcare – this can be done in your own time from your sofa.

After running this workshop for years in person we are now moving it online – launching Spring 2017!

To hear first when this is available alongside other one off in person workshops and events please register below….



The comfort of your own sofa!


This mini online course will cost just £25 which we know is REALLY cheap but please don’t see that as a reflection on how amazing it is. We are so passionate about making a difference. We want to make it as accessible as possible and are also working on ways to give more back too, watch this space.


If you have any questions please do get in touch –


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    EMAIL: hello@guiltymothersclub.co.uk