Organise My Entire Life



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You know that feeling when you running around trying to do a million jobs and not doing any of them that well. You have this massive to do list which seems to grow by the second, reminders written in about ten places but still manage to forget that costume for world book day, don’t feel in control and know you could be far more effective if you could. just. find. a minute.

The one thing I think most of us crave as parents is time.

So how about setting up a slick, productive, fully in control system for managing your time and organising your life? How about getting more sh*t done but actually more than that, how about slowing down and getting more of the stuff done that matters.


– Where is all your time going? (really, honestly)

– How to take back control and realign your time with your priorities in all areas of life

– How to be super organised – practical tools and techniques that can reduce the amount of fire fighting and remove that mental clutter. Including step by step instructions on how to set up the two things I could not be without even for a day – the bullet journal and the ultimate household organiser.

– Getting the right sh*t done. Ten all time tips for being more productive, which include how to do less but achieve more plus advice on ditching that mother guilt and looking after YOU.

New stationery at the ready…


This course contains four mini workshops all delivered by video. Each week you will receive your workshop and an email challenge to put your learning into action and keep you on track. By the end of the four weeks expect to feel a noticeable difference to your levels of organisation!

Session One – Take back control of your time.

You might have more than you think, realigning your time with your priorities and quitting with the talk of work-life balance once and for all.

Session Two – Setting up the mother of all organisation systems.

Getting your family life organised with an introduction to using the ultimate family organiser.

Session Three – Bullet Journalling like a pro

I am a major fan of the bullet journal, if you’ve never done it before then here’s why you should and where to start or if you are already a pro then let’s share some tips.

Session Three – Getting sh*t done

How to be exceptionally productive by actually slowing down. Some of the best apps to help you streamline work. Ensuring that looking after yourself becomes a priority.




– A toolkit to help you take back control of your time

– A 35 page printable document allowing you to create your own Ultimate Family Organiser. Includes beautifully formatted calendars, weekly planners and multiple individual organisers. Comparative bundles of this type alone can retail up to £20.

– Simple and straightforward guidelines for setting up and getting started with a bullet journal.


– An A4 folder and dividers

– A ton of post it notes

– A clipboard

– A pad for bullet journalling, Moleskine and Leuchtturm are often popular choices.